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Rai's Pour House


Rai's, Rai's Po-Ho, Po-Ho

Named after Jenna & Basil’s daughter and Pizza Connoisseur Rai,

Rai’s Pour House is a combination of

Sully’s Pour House & Rai’s Pizza.

A place for friends and families can gather and eat good damn food, drink local beers, enjoy craft cocktails & dabble in our non-alcoholic Dry Bar! Rai’s Pour House features a large double sided bar with garage doors to be able to enjoy the atmosphere from inside & outside. The vibrant colors and decor was chosen to project our personalities and visions for this location. Bright & vibrant, fun & entertaining, a place where we are all family. 

Our menu is a combination of artisan pizzas & great shareables.

Don’t be surprised when

Jenna sits at your table to talk to you or your kids… 

or when

Basil stops by to start a sports debate….

We’re all just, real people, doing real things, loving what we do...

That's Just us!

Our Team


(aka Rai's Mom)

Jenna has been in the restaurant industry since she was 14 years old. Starting off at a local family restaurant, it gave her the passion connect with communities through food and especially connecting with all her guests. (Everyone knows that Jenna will always love to sit down with her guests because her guests end up being extended family!)

Being a daughter of an immigrant to America, she wanted to make sure that her father’s dream of succeeding and building a life in America was something she strived for. She lives her life by the motto “Failure isn’t an option.” What screams more “AMERICAN DREAM” than becoming a business owner and opening restaurants and

feeding bellies?! 


aka (Rai's Dad)

Basil has been in the hospitality industry ranging from restaurants to casinos for the past 19 years. Customer service is what drives him to succeed. Growing up in an under privileged area, made him strive to become better than the “statistic.” With that in mind plus his determination, he turned Jenna’s wishful dreams into reality… and that is how Sully’s Pour House was born. Having their three beautiful children as his driving force, he lives everyday by the motto

“The Sky is the Limit.”


Taste Testers &

the Future of Rai's

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